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Tribute Service


  • 45- 60 minutes 

  • complete interviews with family 

• ceremony design with personalized music, rituals and readings 

• warm presence at the service

• individualized eulogy

• guiding those involved

  • personal email and phone contact from planning stage until the completion of the ceremony

  • editorial control over ceremony content

• Keepsake Ceremony

Committal or ash scattering


A small gathering to say good-bye


  • 10-15 minutes

  • a respectful ceremony that is fitting to the needs of the family and the memory of the one being honored

• personal ceremony design and writing

  • warm presence and guidance at the ceremony

Tribute service followed by committal


This is an option that includes both of the above ceremonies. 


$75 per hour

If you just need some guidance

• hourly fees to edit, consult and advise on your end of life ceremonies

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Nothing can take away the pain of losing a loved one, but a genuine, well-prepared tribute can ease the suffering. The recollection of a truly personal ceremony is a both consolation and an inspiration to those who remain behind.  A personal ceremony has a transformative power during life’s most significant events. If we do not recognize these life-altering occasions with some sort of event we may deceive ourselves about their impact on us. 

“The expression of grief is the path to healing. Unacknowledged grief does not evaporate; instead, it often manifests itself in much more unhealthy ways down the road. The uncomfortable work of grief must be undertaken at some point to heal from the loss of a loved one. Grief does its most useful work immediately following the passing of your loved one while people expect it, instead of 10 years down the road.  

The days following a death are usually mysteriously suspended in time. There is often the sense of time slowing down. I believe it's important to preserve this time for healing.  A specific time to gather with your family and tell stories can be a precious gift to one another.”




Pamela’s passion is a ceremony that feels warm and relaxed, yet significant and sacred. 


Although she was schooled in a Christian tradition she is equally comfortable working with other religions or no religion at all. Pamela is strongly supportive of inclusive ceremony and will respect your faith, culture, gender identity and sexual orientation.


Ceremonies can range from a small gathering in someone's back yard to a formal pageant in a church.  They can be as secular or as spiritual as you choose. Pamela finds that ceremonies in which people actively participate tend to be more meaningful, giving families and friends a personal way to say farewell. If you prefer not to participate, or perhaps find participation too difficult, of course, Pamela is happy to conduct the ceremony alone.  The choice is entirely up to you.


Some Options:


Graveside  - This works well for those who wish to have a short but meaningful ceremony.


Funeral home chapels - Many people choose a service at the funeral home with a reception afterward. This option allows you to leave many of the details such as parking spaces, chairs, sound systems and food preparation to others.


In Nature - Others feel more comfortable in an outdoor setting where natural beauty and peace provide consolation. Perhaps this could involve a bench dedication or tree planting. 


At Home - The family home is a wonderful venue for intimate, comfortable gatherings. A reception can easily be held in the same setting afterwards. 


Place of Worship (e.g., church, synagogue, temple) - For families connected with a place of worship there can be tremendous comfort in this familiar setting. 


Ash Scatterings in a significant place -  Some people retain the ashes of a loved one because they don’t know how to scatter them in a meaningful way. Pamela can create a short memorable ceremony to say a beautiful goodbye.