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The Process

Tribute Service

Certified Funeral Celebrant Pamela Welle believes that when a service is informed by the story of a life lived, it becomes a powerful and inspiring force that continues to guide the lives of those left behind.

“My sincere desire as a funeral celebrant is to create an atmosphere of profound connection so that you, your family and friends can find the courage to go on in life without your loved one. 

  My first aim is to take away some of the stress surrounding a passing. The death of a loved one can be overwhelming enough without having to deal with the details of planning a service. As a certified funeral celebrant I can create for you a comfortable and meaningful gathering in honor of your loved one. This provides a place for your family and friends to come together - to support each other, to reminisce, to celebrate the life of your loved one, to say goodbye, and to begin the process of healing.


From the passing of a parent after a long life to the devastating tragedy of a child or loved one taken much too soon, each life, and each passing, is unique. Fittingly, no two services I create will ever be the same.  Each service reflects the unique life we gather to celebrate.


HOW THE PROCESS WORKS for the tribute service 


THE FIRST STEP is listening.  Pamela starts with a low-key meeting with family and close friends to learn about the life of your loved one. Most often, a group of family and friends gather around the kitchen or dining room table and simply talk about the person who has died. From these memories, Pamela crafts the story of your loved one’s life.

“Everyone has a story to be told.  I will listen carefully while you remember, recording not only your words but the heart behind it. I don't expect you to be calm and composed all the time. Tears and anger are honest expressions of grief. The most important thing to me is that you feel respected and heard.”


THE SECOND STEP is the creating. With the stories you provide, and your suggestions for music, readings, or poems, Pamela works to create a unique service that beautifully reflects the life and significance of your loved one. If you find it difficult to think of suitable readings, poetry or music, Pamela has a wide range of resources to draw from and is happy to help you find just the right selection.

You are free to contribute as much or little as you choose, and you are welcome to read over the script prior to the day of the service if you choose to do so.  Pamela is happy to liaise with and organize those involved in the ceremony, such as those who will be speaking, reading a selection, or playing an instrument.


THE THIRD STEP is the gathering itself.  Pamela provides a calm, welcoming presence on the day, leading the ceremony with warmth and dignity.  She can provide an order of service to all those involved so they will know when to participate.  She will be there to guide you as you enter and leave the service, and as you participate in any part of the ceremony, such as candle lighting or speaking.  



The process for the committal or ash scattering service is simpler involving a phone conversation to discuss personal preferences and select readings.